Read First - Technical Format
Bugs are bugs and sometimes they slip through. To help us better understand your problems and therefore solve them, we need descriptive yet concise-as-possible posts, almost like technical documentation. Not everyone has technical documentation writing experience though, so just do your best with these guidelines.

First, perform a search to see if your issue has been resolved in the past. If it has been solved, you can read the thread on how to solve it and save some time. If it hasn't been solved in the past, you probably need to make a thread. Your thread title should tell what kind of problem it is following a brief description. Here's some good examples of a thread title:
  • The Last Sunshine - Bug - Elite Fiend Unkillable in Level 4
  • The Last Sunshine - Graphical Bug - Pink Walls
The thread body should be as descriptive as possible, but as concise as possible. A good thread body may look something like this:

Give details on your computer specs: My computer specs are [insert detailed computer specs in list form].
Give a description of the bug: In level 4, there is an Elite Fiend which apparently can't be killed. I've fought it for like 10 minutes straight. Is it invincible or an HP value too high on it?
Explain how to recreate the bug: Go to level 4. In the 3rd level section attack the Elite Fiend near the large doodad.
Explain what is expected and what actually happens: He's supposed to take damage, but he doesn't!
Update your thread with additional information you find out: Edit: Apparently it was related to the skill I was using? When I use Solar Javelin I can kill it, but not when I use Sun Ray?

Be sure to use pictures and/or video to illustrate the issue as clearly as possible. As you figure out more information, add it to your post. This is helpful in determining that the enemy may not be the problem and that a player skill is the problem (in this case Sun Ray because Solar Javelin can kill it).
I believe the way it works is that it takes you to the newest post since your last visit. The arrow takes you to the very last post. That is just the stock vB design.

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Von mir gibt es eine Eins mit Sternchen.
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Es gibt Mann, es gibt Frau und es gibt Zwitter auch bekannt als Hermaphrodit.

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